Friday, March 6, 2015

An introduction to what this is

I've always loved the idea that words, arranged in the right combination, can make you feel something. In the case of this blog, I am most interested in exploring works that incite feelings of horror and dread and the creeping sensation of things being not quite right.

The idea of starting a blog focused on horror has always interested me. I've long enjoyed reading reviews for horror fiction and games, especially when it leads me to discovering new titles, but most of all I've appreciated the unique insight and discussion fans of this genre have shared with one another online. There is certainly a community of passionate people who live and breathe this genre, and I find myself visiting their pages and forums time and again. So, I've decided to jump in and secure my own little place of horror that, hopefully, is read and enjoyed by like-minded individuals.

So welcome. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you, as well as hearing what you have to say.

- Clint Hale

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