Sunday, July 26, 2015

Scott Nicolay's The Outer Dark Podcast

"There are weird things out there, my friends."

With the release of his debut collection Ana Kai Tangata, Scott Nicolay has proven himself to be a valuable voice in the weird fiction community. And while others may be content to rest on the laurels of such a successful first collection, Nicolay is not one to sit still for very long. So, in addition to illuminating the dark places of the world with his own fiction, he has turned to Project iRadio as a base of operations for his new podcast, The Outer Dark

In a community that thrives almost exclusively on word-of-mouth, a weekly podcast fronted by one of the field's leading voices is more than a good idea, it is absolutely brilliant. Hearing authors such as John Langan, Livia Llewellyn and S.P. Miskowski discuss their work is pure fun, and despite the average run-time of about an hour per episode I still find myself wanting more. Nicolay asks pertinent questions and allows conversation to move naturally, deviating where it should without losing sight of the topic of discussion. I commend Nicolay for his energy and enthusiasm, and am excited to see where his podcast goes in the future. That being said, if we are indeed experiencing what many consider to be a 'Weird Renaissance,' I believe The Outer Dark to already be a major contributor to that claim. 

You can follow the links to download the episodes, and can even show your support for the podcast by purchasing a shirt.